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Shopping for a home? Ask for an energy rating.

Buying is easier when the seller gives you more information. Participating agents display HomeSkor energy ratings at showings and open houses. Ask for an energy rating, before you buy.

  • Know the home better
  • Renovate with confidence
  • Simply click upgrades to see energy savings

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Shop for homes that feature a HomeSkor energy rating. See our list of homes for sale.

If a home you are looking at does not have an energy rating, simply ask the listing agent to order a HomeSkor rating and share it with you.

For a limited time, real estate agents receive a free online profile when they sign up to use HomeSkor. See attached coupon.

What is an energy rating?

HomeSkor is the best energy rating for real estate.

When you order an energy rating we send a technician to the home to take photos, make measurements and collect details on windows, doors, insulation and heating equipment. We also perform a scientific air leakage test.

Information collected by the technician is entered into a computer simulation program to calculate the home's energy efficiency.

Every rating comes with a list of upgrade options to improve the home's energy efficiency. On the website, you can click on individual upgrades to see how each one will improve the home's energy rating.

HomeSkor is great way to see the invisible upgrades that have already been made to a home, and what the home may need in future.

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HomeSkor does not endorse any product, business or resource listed on this website.

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